Surrender into Autumn

The Granite Belt is such a beautiful part of the world to enjoy Autumn - and one of the very few places in Queensland where we can observe Nature transitioning through her cycles. Living in a rural landscape affords us the opportunity to fall in step with the seasons more naturally, and to surrender the high energy of summer and start to prepare for the colder darker days of winter.

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Maree Taylor
Alive & Awake Chakra Yoga Retreat

Come and explore beautiful Nusa Lembongan (Indonesia) and awaken and enliven your mind body and spirit potential through a sequential exploration of the Chakra (energy) system.

7 days of Yoga, meditation, relaxation, mantra , mudra, beach and sunshine nestled in a private resort with stunning views awaits. Swimming with Manta rays in chyrstal clear waters is optional …bookings strictly limited.

Contact Maree 0438391197

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Women's Temple Yoga Day Retreat

This day is for women to spend time together in a beautiful setting where you will find deep nourishment in accessible yoga practices, art journalling, meditation, and delicious relaxation.

The day includes:

  • 2 yoga classes - a slow flow to awaken Shakti and a Yin practice to move inwards

  • Meditation to tap into your purpose and align with your passion

  • Delicious vegetarian food

  • Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)

  • A workshop to assist with uncovering and sustaining your IKIGAI (the things that make your life worthwhile)

  • Sangha (community of like minded people)

$100/$90 EARLY BIRD (November 30)

Contact: Maree: 0428391197 / 46834 360

Please send your expression of interest to Maree:

Bank details:

Maree Taylor

Commonwealth Bank Stanthorpe BSB: 064-431 A/C No: 1019 0784

Please use your name as reference

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Maree Taylor
Yoga Meditation Monks and Mountain Zen

Wabi~Sabi – the art of imperfection

Two of my great life loves (yoga teaching & travel) where always going to find each other, in some form and in some beautiful moment in time. In October I found myself in Japan with 11 willing women who trusted me to lead them on my Yoga Meditation Monks and Mountain Zen yoga retreat. The retreat was designed to highlight some of Japan’s most exquisite places and spaces; to offer insight into the underlying philosophy of kindness and respect that is bespoke of Japanese culture; to practice yoga and meditation and integrate the teachings of the Yamas and Niyamas (first two limbs of Pantanjali’s eight fold path) in a focused and real way.

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