• $15 Casual Class

  • $13 Concession (Student/Pensioner)

  • $8 Kids $15 for 2 kids $20 for 3 kids

Yoga Tree Pass

  • 10 class pass $130 / ($120 concession)

Please contact teachers for school holiday schedule as timetables vary for some classes

Maree’s classes will continue as scheduled between September 9 - September 20, with Linda Rago teaching. No Funky Monkey’s Kids yoga until school resumes in October.

We are excited to be working with Helen Ferrier of Mallow Wellbeing in collaboration with the PHN and offering these wonderful day retreats FREE of charge over the next 12 months. Helen’s first day retreat is fully booked (September 14), so make sure you get in early and book to avoid disappointment.

Contact Helen: 0401557338 for further information and booking of retreats

Contact Helen: 0401557338 for further information and booking of retreats



Autumn Schedule 2019 - valid until October 8

Autumn Schedule 2019 - valid until October 8


Sun Up Yoga

Early morning class to kick start the week.  Start with a gentle warm up and then move slowly through a series of sun salutations with variations to work each area of the body.  Suitable for all levels. A fluid and energising way to start the day.

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Beginners/ General Class

Traditional Hatha asanas with the focus on connecting the breath with movement and attaining body, mind, spirit awareness.  Each week we systematically open and release the body.  A great practice for health and healing - working with all levels from beginner to advanced practitioner.

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Chakra Yoga

Chakra class includes postures that work to balance each of the seven yogic energy systems while physically renewing organs, cells and other anatomical building blocks. The classes are structured so that each week a different energy system (chakra) is focused upon. The practice develops a deeper sense of ones’ spirituality as well as physically and emotionally benefiting the body and mind.


Therapeutic Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Chair Yoga adapts traditional yoga poses so that they are done with a chair, making yoga more accessible for those who cannot stand for long
periods. Chair yoga is a great practice for everyone. It has helped with the symptoms of many health issues including: high blood pressure, anxiety, chronic fatigue, arthritis, vertigo, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, osteopenia, carpal tunnel, depression
and chronic pain.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a powerful form of yoga that allows release of the body's tightness. It has an emphasis on holding poses for 3 to 5 minutes which mobilises and strengthens the joints, ligaments, connective tissues and deep fascial networks.

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Mindfulness Meditation

This class provides an entry into the evidence-based practice of mindfulness meditation.  Small group sizes enable direct instruction and guidance as you learn to live in present moment awareness.  Teacher: Helen Ferrier from Mallow Wellbeing:

Renew You

A class specifically designed for Mum's or anyone that needs time out to re calibrate and renew energy levels. Simple breath and meditation techniques are taught alongside asanas to assist in promoting optimal well-being. This class offers you a "yoga spa" treatment at the end of the week - an opportunity to glow from the inside out.



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Funky Monkey Kids Yoga

This is fun class designed to introduce children to the joy of movement, breathing practices and the smiling mind meditation program using creative flow, storytelling, art , craft and music to explore the practices of yoga. Suitable for 5 - 10 yr olds.


Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a dynamic combination of strength, sweat and spirituality. It is an energetic practice that tones, stretches and strengthens the entire body as well as:disciplines the mind, burns fat, relieves stress, increases our metabolism, improves joint mobility and provides powerful detoxification. 
From you very first session, you will experience shifts energetically, muscularly, mentally and emotionally. Your muscles will tingle from head to toe, your blood will flow, your mind will clear, your spirit is revived, you are full of stamina and breath: you feel alive.

Occasional CLASSES


Back Care Class

This delicious gentle class is focused on strengthening our core and increasing our awareness around our back health.  We work with a group of asanas that specifically  stretch, tone,  strengthen and release the muscles which support our spine and enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and breath work. Suitable for all levels. (Maree)





YogaChill Yoga & Meditation for youth

These sessions are aimed at building and supporting resilience, confidence and self-esteem in  young adults by  engaging them  in active yoga practices which will increase strength and flexibility, hone focus and concentration and empower them to honour their truth. Meditation practices and breathing practices will support youth as they transition through the changing landscape of adolescence.


Yoga for Scoliosis

This small class offers an individualised approach to students with scoliosis.  With a maximum of 5 students  per class, the focus is on creating a deeper awareness of your scoliotic terrain.  By understanding your asymmetries, we can work on creating space and length in contracted areas of your body and develop stability and strength.  Props such as the floor, walls, chairs. straps and blocks are used to provide feedback and give insight into how you can best support your body.  Relaxation and breath work are integral to this class, and students with no yoga previous yoga experience are welcome to attend. (Maree)

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PreNatal Yoga Classes

This class runs as an 8 week course. You are welcome to join the class at any time, as the course will be ongoing. Please contact me via the Contact Us page if you are interested in this class, and we can get back to you with course details.